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Fitness & Membership

Personal Training

Achieve your best with personal training sessions.

A program made for you

Our team of educated and passionate trainers are ready to help you achieve your health, wellness, mobility and strength goals.

Helping you reach your personal podium.

Richmond Olympic Oval is home to a team of educated, passionate and diverse personal trainers. Our goal is to establish a foundation of health, wellness, mobility and strength in our clients to allow you to experience new adventures, and enjoy all that life has to offer.
We offer both private and partner training options. Partner Training is great for motivated exercisers with similar training goals. Working out with a friend, partner or co-worker is a cost-effective option that can increase accountability, and can even produce better results.

Stay Fit and Healthy From Home

Virtual Personal Training

Health and fitness has never been more important than it is right now. With social distancing and stay-at-home measures in place to help us flatten the curve, keeping ourselves mentally and physically fit can be a challenge. Staying active, maintaining a schedule of daily activities and having goals to accomplish will be critical to our physical, mental and emotional well-being. OVALfit Virtual Personal Training will guide your unique fitness path by providing personalized training, motivation, accountability and support specific to your needs and goals. We ensure your training is safe, effective and empowering. Each VPT package includes a consultation to assess your fitness goals, fitness level, available tools and individual considerations to deliver a personalized program. Training options include program design, private sessions or train with a partner from the same home or with both of you at different homes.

Training Rates

Choose the best fit.

  • 01 Private Sessions
    • Jump Start Package* (3 sessions) $199
    • 5 sessions $360
    • 10 sessions $670
    • 25 sessions $1,625
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  • 02 Partner Sessions
    • Jump Start Package* (3 sessions) $135
    • 5 sessions $250
    • 10 sessions $470
    • 25 sessions $1,100
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  • 03 Virtual Personal Training
    • Program Design $125
    • 3 Private Sessions $159
    • 5 Partner Sessions $179
    • 10 Private Sessions $499
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All new personal training packages include a complimentary Fitness Assessment. The Oval offers complimentary fitness consultations to all Oval members. To book email personaltraining@richmondoval.ca

On the road to recovery?

Corrective Exercise is for individuals looking to improve their physical performance, reduce or eliminate pain, and rebound from injury or illness. Using an individualized approach, an Oval Kinesiologist will work with you to assess your current capabilities and provide you with concrete strategies to enhance movement and improve your physical health.

The Oval Corrective team works with clients of all ages, abilities, and levels of function. Receiving the best care from the most appropriate practitioner is the first step to improvement. The Oval is ICBC approved.

Sessions consist of an initial consultation, Functional Movement Screen, postural and movement assessment, as well as practical exercise prescription and post-functional movement screen.

Have questions about fitness? Check out our FAQs.


We’re here to help

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