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OVALfit at Home

During this period of the Oval’s closure to help stop the spread of COVID-19, we are excited to offer a schedule of diverse live at-home workouts from the Oval Trainers you know and love!

Schedule – April 13 – 19

  • April 13

    Zumba* 10:00AM • 40 min • Ziyad Instagram OVALfit Body Weight 5:00PM • 35 min • Olga Facebook

  • April 14

    OVALfit Lower Body + Core 10:00AM • 35 min • Olga Instagram OVALfit Sweat Circuit 12:00PM • 35 min • Jodi Facebook OVALfit R & R 5:00PM • 35 min • Pat Instagram

  • April 15

    OVALfit Flow 10:00AM • 40 min • Christa Facebook OVALfit Lower Body + Core 5:00PM • 35 min • Olga Instagram Zumba* 6:00PM • 40 min • Thais Instagram

  • April 16

    OVALfit Tabata + Core 10:00AM • 30 min • Jodi Instagram OVALfit Barre 5:00PM • 40 min • Pat Facebook

  • April 17

    Zumba* 10:00AM • 40 min • Ziyad Instagram OVALfit Body Weight 12:00PM • 35 min • Olga Facebook

  • April 18

    OVALfit Hatha 10:00AM • 40 min • Pat Facebook

  • April 19

    OVALfit Pure Relax 4:00PM • 40 min • Christa Instagram

  • *Note: You must follow @RichmondOval on Instagram in order to follow our Zumba live streams due to privacy reasons.

OVALfit Studios

Accelerate your fitness journey, push your limits and add variety into your routine.


A whole new way to ride inside. The Oval’s studio features a 24ft screen, used to display real-time data to keep you engaged, motivated and inspired.


A dark, immersive studio offering small group classes that combine strength training and treadmill intervals, designed to challenge your inner athlete.

MOVE (Coming Soon)

A bright, spacious studio offering the majority of our group classes including HIIT, kickboxing, Zumba, hatha yoga, restore and release and more.

Fitness Programs

Our expansive selection of programs are designed to support fitness enthusiasts at any level in reaching their health and wellness goals.

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